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Who are we?

What is the SRC?

The Swine Research Centre of Catalonia is a consortium of the  Lleida Provincial Council, the County Council of La Noguera, Torrelameu City Council and the University of Lleida.

The Center was founded with the desire to engage with the pork producer, contributing to dialogue and reconciliation between the different components of the sector. Born institution modeled on already established in other countries.

The CEP has a clear vocation training and study. The training activity can be divided into three distinct groups. On the one hand wants to provide support to vocational schools. On the other hand, very directly involved in university education, working with the University of Lleida and the delivery of courses i own seminars for all those involved with the pig. These courses and seminars may be promoted by CEP itself or in collaboration with various companies and associations or institutions linked to the sector.


Swine Research Center, has as objective to develop teaching, experimental and technology transfer in the field of swine production. These may highlight the following:

Underway to increase the level of technical qualification of professionals involved in livestock production.

Training of technicians and research specialists within the pig.

• Support for experimentation, even in projects and agreements with universities or private companies.

Major benefits can be cited as follows:

Improve teaching in animal production for the students of the UDL.

Promote the organization of courses for farmers, also for technical medium and high.

Provide a framework for promoting intrasectoral collaboration of different entities, both public and private.

Economic and social revitalization of the area.


 Related to the formation

Within the premises of CEP are held an important part of the practices of Biotechnology of reproduction, designed to upperclassmen of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Lleida. The practices are related to swine reproduction and especially with the collection of ejaculates, the semen quality assessment, control of ovulation in the sow, the preparation of doses of semen, artificial insemination and control swine gestation.

The CEP is also open to collaboration with the Vocational Training Centres because their students to do internships at the Center’s facilities.

The CEP teaches various courses, seminars and conferences related to the pig such as strategic management in intensive livestock farming, animal welfare, transport, etc.. Aimed at professionals.

Related to private companies

The CEP is open to collaboration with different private companies related to the pig sector in both the production side as in others.

Are ongoing collaborations term referring to the whole issue of artificial insemination center assuming the functions of the laboratory analysis techniques.

Related to the collection of information

The CEP is compiling a database of different areas of knowledge related to the pig industry as a whole, from production to marketing, to the environment and animal welfare.

Collaborations with government

The CEP is open to collaboration with the various administrations to carry out various studies related to pig slurry, animal welfare, transport, marketing, etc.